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Conversion Optimization

With almost 3 years experience in this nieche field, I gained a good background knowledge of all the areas related to the meta-discipline Conversion Optimization. Understanding the customers, creating hypotheses, bringing them to testing, analyzing the data and get actionable…

Web Analytics

I’m an Google Analytics Qualified Individual with extensive practical knowledge on Web Analytics, creating and leading GA workshops for clients across different industries in the past. I had the pleasure to work with bigger companies, as well as smaller companies,…

Search Engine Marketing

As a certified Google Adwords individual, I built campaigns for several clients from start to end, some of them within the most competetive markets, as well as continuously monitoring and improving landing pages, ad copy and cost per click (CPC)…

Website Testing

A/B and multivariate (website) testing – probably one or even THE most underestimated activity today in companies dealing with online business. The HiPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) is still making the final decisions based on their gut feeling instead of…

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